Designed and assembled in America, NEOs are looking solid to deliver late summer of 2015.

The NEO would have shipped a little sooner but for a material shortage of a key component as it went to full production. You see, although the Neurophone has been around 57 years it's never been in mass production until now.  Kind of like the fax machine that was around for 75 years before it too became mass produced. 

No worries.  The material shortage has been handled and we are highly optimistic about our late summer NEO shipping start.


The Neurophone is not a telephone, however, it embodies the true smart phone since it makes YOU smart. Invented in 1958, by the then 13 year-old prodigy, Patrick Flanagan, the incredible Neurophone speeds meditation, balances left and right brain functions, activates your ancient ears and boosts IQ using ultrasonic frequencies broadcast into the brain via transducers you wear on your head.

Incredibly, the $399 NEO Neurophone, set for delivery June 21st, 2015, or maybe a little sooner, is a quantum leap forward on the path to the doctor's dream of a $99 version one day. The NEO is more than a 50% reduction over the current NF3 that retails for $800. In addition, the new 2015 $399 NEO Neurophone runs on rechargeable lithium batteries, comes with a blend of two of the doctor's amazing frequencies that he personally designed to soothe your mind, Fibonacci and Pink Noise, built-in and one set of transducers headsets. 

Results using the NEO Neurophone vary from person to person, however, in the 50-some-years of distribution,  the Neurophone has enjoyed nearly 100% customer satisfaction and also out performs expensive bio-feedback devices costing thousands of dollars.

Watch Patrick's stepdaughter tell her amazing story of how the Neurophone took her from a D to an A student virtually overnight.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any other device, we recommend you consult your physician prior to use.

THE NEUROPHONE EXPERIENCE DVD is coming and will be available soon on Amazon.  Links to follow by 8/20/15 for sale.


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NEO Is here! Check out the NEO Release Party video to the right! Mass shipping is underway and 66% complete as of 8/15/15. PhiScineces hopes to have the rest ot the Indiego NEOs out by end of the August. And then shift to retail.

Pre-ordering the next generation of Neurophones from the IndieGoGo also saves you shipping and delivery.

Join over 5,550 the NEO Indie contributors today!

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tally that puts us well over $1 million raised.