The Neurophone is not a telephone, however, it embodies the true smart phone since it makes YOU smart. Invented in 1958, by the then 13 year-old prodigy, Patrick Flanagan, the incredible Neurophone speeds meditation, balances left and right brain functions, activates your ancient ears and boosts IQ using ultrasonic frequencies broadcast into the brain via transducers you wear on your head.

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Incredibly, the $399 NEO Neurophone, set for delivery June 21st, 2015, or maybe a little sooner, is a quantum leap forward on the path to the doctor's dream of a $99 version one day. The NEO is more than a 50% reduction over the current NF3 that retails for $800. In addition, the new 2015 $399 NEO Neurophone runs on rechargeable lithium batteries, comes with a blend of two of the doctor's amazing frequencies that he personally designed to soothe your mind, Fibonacci and Pink Noise, built-in and one set of transducers headsets.  Extra transducer headsets to share your NEO will be an accessory PhiSciences will offer in 2015 as delivery time nears.

Results using the NEO Neurophone vary from person to person, however, in the 50-some-years of distribution,  the Neurophone has enjoyed nearly 100% customer satisfaction and also out performs expensive bio-feedback devices costing thousands of dollars.

We selected IndieGogo verses Kickstarter for this epic crowdfunding campaign in order to reach out to Patrick Flanagan's broad international following. Indeed, the doctor recently spoke to a live audience of several thousand in China, where he was welcomed by the Chinese people like a visiting rock star and is also blessed with a large following in Europe and India as well.

Watch Patrick's stepdaughter tell her amazing story of how the Neurophone took her from a D to an A student virtually overnight.


Despite this great breakthrough, Dr. Flanagan has pledged to continue to invent even more affordable generations of Neurophones.  It was striving for his goal of mass affordability that resulted in the fantastic new $399 Neurophone.  That is a 50% reduction of the current $800 NF3 model, while adding many great new features for the 2015 model.  Truly the kind of unparalleled scientific and commercial achievement the doctor is world famous for manifesting.

Says Dr. Flanagan about his amazing Neurophone he first invented in 1958 at age 13, "I do believe the Neurophone will eventually enhance every person that uses one.

Since from a data viewpoint, people first are trying to 'hear' with their ears. Once they get over that, they develop a new sense of perception, a sixth sense which is hearing through the saccule. In a hearing person, you develop the ability to hear through both channels. It takes time to develop the sixth sense through the vestigial hearing organ of the saccule. In addition, the latest published papers show that low level ultrasonic stimulation of the brain improves cognition, relaxes and improves stress reduction.'

That process probably has nothing to do with hearing but with the generation of gamma waves in the brain. The super high beta waves associated with increased awareness. Invariably, when I studied abnormal psychology as a child, I learned that the brain can function at much higher rates of speed and that the brain becomes easily bored.
That is why speed reading is such a natural high.

The brain loves receiving high speed information. There are tape machines that let you play speech at 4X normal speed but corrects for the tone so that the speech sounds normal but is very fast. I believe the brain loves being stimulated at higher rates. Most people are bored because the brain wants and needs to be stimulated. One of my greatest desires is to form a Neurophone foundation so that we can finance double blind placebo studies to document these effects of the ability to increase the capacity of the human brain.

Over time, after using the Neurophone for hundreds of hours the brain performs its tasks more efficiently. All people can be made into geniuses. We all need to learn how to operate at our highest capacity."

Visit to learn more about the doctor and his full line of inventions for the betterment of humanity.

It costs nothing to join and there are prizes from Dr. Flanagan's line of inventions.  Be smart.  Click the link! 

Welcome to Patrick Flanagan's


Pre-ordering the next generation of Neurophones from the IndieGoGo also saves you shipping and delivery. Following the Indiegogo, the NEO introductory pricing of $399 ends and the NEO retails for $444 plus shipping.

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